Frontline Services

ATI Frontline Services

Adding Value to our Valve Automation Offering

Field Installation Services

ATI FrontLine Services, the company’s specialized maintenance service group, operates from the new facility as well. The team offers expert field and in-house valve actuator repair, retrofitting, refurbishment and replacement as well as automation calibration.

The combination of all products and services at our facility assure that our clients are provided with a high level of customer service, increased efficiency, improved quality and decreased delivery times. After all, no one knows an ATI actuator better than us.  We designed and manufactured it from day one.  Our services include installations, retrofit, safety system calibrations, and installations at the job site.   Repairs include:

  • Complete disassembly for audit
  • Thorough inspection and cleaning
  • Stocked parts including seals and gaskets
  • Machining and parts replacement as needed
  • Re-assembly to strict ATI standards
  • Complete final pressure and operation testing
  • Paint

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Rebuild and Retrofit


We have the experience to retrofit ATI and other actuator brands to extend their performance. We offer bolt-on kits to update Shafer, EIM and other valve actuator brands without removing them from service. Among other items, ATI can replace hand pumps, high pressure controls, limit switches and poppet blocks.

ATI FrontLine Retrofit Services can provide:

  • Easy field change out with retrofit packages
  • Parts and materials in stock
  • ATI engineered and fabricated brackets
  • Pre-assembled panels
  • Retrofit with existing  pneumatic, hydraulic, gas-over-oil or electro-hydraulic system
ati - Photo D -Linebreak ROD test in progress

ATI  FrontLine technicians are extensively trained to used our rate-of-drop (ROD) test kit to field calibrate and simulate emergency operating scenarios under live field conditions.  Our kit, with quick disconnects and compact portable self-contained enclosure, is easily connected and read.

Our services include:

  • Accurate line break testing
  • Station bypass
  • Simulation of station failure
  • Pre-set rate-of-drop trip point determination
  • Differential pressure compressor testing
  • Calibration of high/low pressure ESD
  • Operator personnel training with ROD kits


FrontLine technicians have years of experience in valve actuator installation and service. We understand your application and can provide the needed expertise to safely mate your valve and its automation either in our facility or at the job site, whether within a plant or remote location. Our crews work quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and plant shut-ins.


Shafer Rebuild and Replacement Kits

Cost for actuator maintenance and repair increases with the age and wear of the actuator. Retrofitting is a process of auditing old actuators and re-automating them with controls. This ensures that your plant is more efficiently controlled, and any changes due to age and wear are addressed. We offer a complete bolt-on package for name brand actuators, while the actuator is in place, without any service interruption. We can also replace hand pumps, high pressure controls, limit switches and poppet blocks. If the audit shows that replacement is not necessary, we have spare kits for pumps and poppets.


EIM Gas Motor Rebuild and Replacement Kits

ATI/Gevalco “Gas Motor Control” package can be used to upgrade existing EIM “G” series gas motor actuators with current, more reliable technology. The control package utilizes current “poppet” valve technology to provide reliable, maintenance-free control of gas motor actuators. The standard local “auto-manual” control consists of a “poppet” selector valve and two limit valves. The Gevalco patented limit valves, operated through a reliable cam mechanism, use a mechanical plunger integral to the proven Gevalco “poppet” valve. The “poppet” valve directly stops gas flow through the motor as opposed to operating a spool-type selector valve. This design provides quick, positive shut-off of the actuator to eliminate excessive torque on the valve and the waste of valuable gas. The “auto-manual” station, which can be remotely located, utilizes the proven and reliable Gevalco “poppet” valve design to provide a compact, easy to use, local control of the valve. The components can be easily field installed and calibrated to provide reliable, long cycle life control of existing gas motor actuators.

The ATI/Gevalco Advantage

  • Bubble tight “poppet” design eliminates the seal cutting problem associated with the existing spool valve design.
  • Valve material is marine-grade, hard-anodized aluminum and stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and longer cycle life.
  • Built-in pilot pistons provide signal input from other solenoids or pneumatic devices.
  • High flow exhaust shuttle valve improves motor efficiency while reducing gas consumption.
  • Commercially available 3-way SS ball valve for local manual operation.
  •  Optional limit switches with (2) explosion proof SPDT hermetically sealed proximity switches for remote indication.
  •  Optional remote electric operation with (2) 2-way explosion proof solenoids.
  •   Unit comes pre-tubed for an easy bolt-on; Connect power gas and go.



On-Site Repair and Start-Up Service

ATI customizes valve automation solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs. Almost 20 years ago, our story began with proprietary technology in customizing linear actuators. Those signature series actuators helped ATI build a strong reputation in the flow control industry. Paying attention to engineering specs became our core competency.  Since that time, ATI has expanded our customization to include automation solutions when power is not readily available, controls for fast speeds, modulations or special conditions, and actuators for the pipeline industry. We have the experienced technicians, as part of ATI FrontLine Services, to repair or provide startup for on-site installations.

ATI eirc setting cams

ATI Machining Services

ATI has been a customized producer of high quality valve automation products for more than 20 years. Our capabilities, including a new 41,000 square foot air controlled Houston area manufacturing and engineering center, are well suited for machining custom parts of any quantity, large or small. We offer turn-key design and engineering services with a team having more than 50 years of experience, using 3D CAD, Solidworks 3D modelling software and PDM revision control. ATI is ISO 9001 certified with a quality management system that provides in-process and 100% final inspections.

Our shop is equipped with the latest CNC machines utilizing CAM software to create programs for the lathes and mills.

CNC Milling
Machine TypeSize
Hyundai Kia KH80 Horizontal Machining Center49 x 39 X-Y TRAVEL 80 UNIT TOOL CHANGER, 4600 LB TABLE CAPACITY
Yama Seiki BM1020 Vertical Machining Center40 x 23 X-Y TRAVEL 21 UNIT TOOL CHANGER
Supermax rebel YCM-V85A40 x 23 X-Y TRAVEL 12 UNIT TOOL CHANGER
CNC Turning
Machine TypeSize
Feeler FT-350 Horizontal Turning Lathe24 x 40 X-Z TRAVEL, 3.6″ SPINDLE BORE AND 12 STATION TURRET
Fortune VT 26 Horizontal Turning Lathe16 x 35 X-Z TRAVEL, 2.6″ SPINDLE BORE AND 10 TOOL STATION TURRET
Hyundai Kia SKT-V80 RM Vertical Turning Lathe31 x 31 X-Z TRAVEL, 12 STATION LIVE TOOLING TURRET
Manual Machines
Machine TypeSize
Kingston HD-2260 Horizontal Lathe22 x 60, 4 1/16″ SPINDLE BORE, NEW ALL DIGITAL READ OUT
Kingston HR-2000 Horizontal Lathe40 x 80, 4 1/16″ SPINDLE BORE, NEW ALL DIGITAL READ OUT
Kingston HD-2290 Horizontal Lathe22 x90, 4 1/16″ SPINDLE BORE, NEW ALL DIGITAL READ OUT
Sharp 16600 Horizontal Lathe16 x 40, 2 1/16″ SPINDLE BORE, NEW ALL DIGITAL READ OUT
Supermax Vertical Mill9 x48, NEW ALL DIGITAL READ OUT
Enco Vertical Mill9 x48, NEW ALL DIGITAL READ OUT
Summit Drill Press3′ Arm, 22″ Table
Welding & Fabrication
Machine TypeSize
Miller welder Millermatic 250250 AMP MIG WELDER
Esab Migmaster 280 Pro300 AMP MIG WELDER
Thermal Arc fabricator 252 I250 AMP MIG, STICK, AND TIG
Wellsaw 131813 X 18
Acetylene Torch
Cutmaster Plasma cutter150 amp
Inspection Tools
Multiple Dial/Vernier Calipers0-48″ Calibrated Annually
Multiple Micrometers0-24″ Calibrated Annually
Large Selection of Ring and Plug GagesCalibrated Annually
Depth Micrometers0-6″ Calibrated Annually
I.D. Micrometers4-32″ Calibrated Annually
Granted Table36″ X48″ Certified
Overhead Crane5 Ton
Overhead Crane2.5 Ton
Jib Cranes2 Ton
Jib Cranes1/2 Ton
Jib Cranes1/4 Ton
Gorbel Crane2 Ton
Paint & Sandblast
Paint Booth12’X5′
Empire Blast Cabinet 727236″ Turntable 3000lb Capacity
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