Valve Automation - Valve Actuator

Linear Pneumatic Actuators


Linear Pneumatic ActuatorOur L & HDL series are piston operated valve actuators that use air pressure or natural gas to provide the force required to open, close and control rising stem valves.

Performance Highlights

  • Our L series actuator is perfect for control valves. With smooth operation from speeds as slow as .012 inches per second to speeds as fast as 12 inches in less than a second.
  • Our HDL series actuator is ideal for on/off applications.
  • For anti-surge applications and other high speed applications, a "cushion" design is incorporated inside the piston cylinder assembly.
  • The adaptable nature of our design allows you to automate valves in place without shutting the plant down.
  • Our pneumatic actuators can accommodate a broad spectrum of valve applications from very high to very low thrust requirements.


Karan Gas Actuator.Karan Gas Actuator.












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