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Electro Hydraulic Actuators

Electro-Hydraulic Actuator Control SystemEvery actuator needs power: air or hydraulic fluid pressure, electrical, solar, etc. With ATI's products, you will never be restricted by your available power source. We accommodate all power sources. Series EH-44 Electro-Hydraulic Actuator Control System

This control system is designed to be a 50-3,000 psig hydraulic power and control source to drive either linear, quarter-turn or multi-turn hydraulic valve actuators.

It is a totally self-contained unit inside a standard NEMA 4 epoxy painted carbon steel enclosure. It includes a 100% duty cycle TEFC electric motor, motor starter, hydraulic pump and reservoir, directional control valves and electrical controls. The Series EH-44 permits variable torque or thrust by means of an adjustable pressure switch as well as variable actuator speed by means of flow control valves. Modulating service with a 4-20 made control input signal is available. Smaller, lighter weight and less expensive actuators can now operate larger valves because of the increased pressure available (Torque or Thrust is equal to the area of the actuator times the pressure available to do the work). The 100% duty cycle motor runs only when the system pressure drops below the pressure switch set point.

"Fail Safe" action is achieved by using a spring return actuator or by using a hydraulic accumulator system with a double acting actuator. A timer and reservoir float/level switch are used as safety devices to shut the system down if there is a leak or line rupture. Also a 10-micron return oil filtration, system with gauge is used to protect and enhance the life of the system. An enclosure heater and thermostat are used to manage any moisture or condensation that may appear inside the enclosure. The Series EH-44 can be designed to operate single or multiple actuators and is suitable for small or large volumetric displacement actuators. The can be ac-powered, dc-powered or solar-powered. Controls for both "Local" and "Remote" operation are standard with a pilot light array.

This power system can seamlessly integrate with ATI's proprietary control system to provide a precise electro-hydraulic actuator for control valve applications.

Series EH-44B Electro-Hydraulic Actuator Control System

This control system is similar in function to the Series EH-44. However, its purpose is to operate actuators with a relatively small volumetric displacement. It comes in a NEMA 4X FRP (fiberglass reinforced polyester) enclosure and can be either wall-mounted away from the actuator or mounted directly onto the valve/actuator assembly.