ATI Rate-of-Drop Test Kit

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The ATI Rate-of-Drop Test Kit is used to calibrate and simulate various pipeline operating scenarios in order to test automation control strategies. Supplied in a portable self-contained enclosure, the Rate-of-Drop Test Kit is easily connected to the control system in the field. Quick-disconnect ports, and precision gauges are included to measure the pipeline pressure and various pressures within the control module. The Rate-of-Drop Test Kit is also used to calibrate the trip points for the Line Break, Station Bypass, and Low Pressure ESD control modules. Various emergency scenarios can then be simulated, under live conditions to test control action without inadvertently causing a shutdown. Utilizing the Rate-of-Drop Test Kit to calibrate and test control modules ensures the valve activates only when desired.

When calibrating and testing the Line Break System, the Rate-of-Drop Test Kit monitors the pressure levels in the pipeline, the pressure level in the reference tank, and the differential pressure across the timing orifice used to determine the rate-of-drop trip point. Utilizing the Line Break calibration charts, the setpoint of the differential switching valve can be tested against simulated rates of pressure drop to obtain an exact trip point. As a standard, the Line Break System is provided with test ports and isolation valves for easy connection to the Rate-of-Drop Test Kit.

The Rate-of-Drop Test Kit can also be used to calibrate the ATI Station Bypass and Bi-Directional Station Bypass control modules. The test ports provided with the Station Bypass control module connect the test kit in parallel with the differential pressure sensing lines from the suction and discharge of the compressor station. Utilizing the precision differential gauge, and the digital pressure gauge, a station failure can be simulated and the exact trip point calibrated.

All other control modules with pressure shutdown functions, such as the Low Pressure Emergency Shutdown and the High Pressure Emergency Shutdown, can also be calibrated and tested with the Rate-of-Drop Test Kit.

ATI Rate-of-Drop Test Kit Performance Highlights
  • Precise calibration of trip points
  • Easy connection to control system
  • Calibrates all control modules having pressure shutdown function
    • Low and High Emergency Shutdowns (ESD)
    • Line Break Systems
    • Station Bypass and Bi-Directional Station Bypass


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Our Client


I have to say, we looked at the valves and the actuators this afternoon and they are very well packaged and presented. I want to thank ATI for the attention this order has clearly received & I plan to pursue similar solutions in the future with you guys.


In all of the readiness reviews that I have conducted, ATI is by far the most well-prepared. The organization has built a solid foundation, and is off to a healthy start to the new [ISO 9001:2015] standard; ATI has clearly taken a serious approach to addressing the risks of its business and handling mitigation in a controlled manner.

Tom R., , Independent Auditing Agency

ATI linear actuators on 6-inch and 8-inch gate valves have worked flawlessly since put in Y-grade liquid service in 1994.

George Ford, Engineer, Enterprise Products

I was impressed and quite thankful for ATI’s commitment to get the job done on time and with a high level of quality.

Konrad M. Fontenot, Engineering Section Group Lead, Exxonmobil Beaumont

ATI has been supportive when we have had questions and their product has worked well for us. If the application came up again where we had the choice of using the ATI actuators, I would recommend getting them.


All of our switching valves for our mole sieve beds are orbit valves fitted with ATI actuators. These have been in service for ~8 months now and have had no issues.


ATI was very supportive during this project with helping us when we had to retrofit the actuators to the valves during a quick series of valve replacements.


We have 14 of your actuators at this facility, with a clean rack record for over a decade.

Maintenance Team Member, Industrial Gas Supplier

I really appreciate the commitment to deliver the needed products on a very short schedule.

Instrument Engineering Section Member, Gulf Coast Refinery

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