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ATI News - ATI Frontline Services – Giving Actuators New Life

Valve and actuators are designed for an extended life cycle but, at some point, they will need to be refurbished for re-installation or replaced with new products. Service life depends on several factors including the operating conditions, environments with temperature extremes, and corrosion, liquid flow characteristics, and frequency of opening/ closing/modulating. Without proper design followed by an appropriately planned and executed maintenance program, any of these factors can result in premature valve automation failure.

While it is often prudent to replace a valve actuator and control package after what appears to be a sufficient service life, sometimes it is more cost effective to have the actuator overhauled and re-installed. This decision can be impacted by the time required for completion of the repairs and whether or not the actuator is to be immediately reused or stored as a backup for emergency use.

In addition to actuator installation, ATI FrontLine Services has built an industry reputation for its expertise in repair and refurbishment, complementing ATI’s manufacturing of quality valve automation products for more than two decades. The FrontLine Services approach is both comprehensive and responsive.

The FrontLine Services’ repair process can be completed at a customer’s facility, or in our ISO-certified Houston facility, and typically begins with a complete visual inspection, as well as functional test if possible. After our initial examination has been completed, our technicians will complete the below as required:

  • completely disassemble the actuator
  • thoroughly clean and re-inspect it for possible corrosion or other damage
  • replace seals, gaskets and other worn parts
  • machine or replace critical internal components as needed
  • re-grease and add necessary fluids, when required
  • replace control components as necessary
  • conduct pressure and operation testing
  • touch up the exterior paint, sandblasting and re-paint as needed

We routinely replace control packages with retrofit kits that can be installed by our technicians without service being interrupted. ATI engineered and preassembled panels for Shafer, EIM and other valve actuator brands are stocked and readily available for field installation by ATI FrontLine Services. We regularly provide field retrofits for hydraulic, pneumatic, gas motor and gas-over-oil actuator types.

Additional field services provided by our team include:

  • preventive maintenance inspections on a scheduled basis
  • safety instrument calibration services
  • operator training
  • station failure simulations

All of the many dependable FrontLine Services offerings are completed within a scheduled facility turnaround timetable and are designed to help avoid unexpected shutdowns and costly expenditures. To involve us in your next turnaround or preventive maintenance program, contact ATI at or 713/934-1071.

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